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Mission Statement


Community driven.  Common goals.

Mission Statement


Building Lifelong Relationships One Member at a Time

Vision Statement

CWCU is committed to being a trusted financial resource for our members by providing them with solutions for their financial needs.

CWCU will deliver a full range of affordable products and services to the diverse economic and social fabric of our members.

CWCU will strive to exceed our member's expectations by delivering value and efficiency in the products and services that we provide.

CWCU will educate members, potential members, and the general community about the uniqueness and economic importance of credit unions.

Value Statement

Social Services - CWCU is respectful of the financial needs of all our members and we work to meet these needs in a professional, courteous, and helpful manner in order to provide the best value for our members.

Financial Services - CWCU ensures that our operations are conducted in a sound and stable manner, providing capital for future growth and operations.

Employees - CWCU provides a safe work environment that fosters teamwork, personal development, and career advancement in order to help our employees feel responsible for the success of our organization, and to install a sense of pride in and ownership of CWCU.