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VISA Credit Cards

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Experience the purchasing power of the Visa Classic Card from CWCU!  With this card you’ll be able to make purchases anywhere Visa is accepted worldwide!  Plus you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’re getting a great low rate, quickly friendly service, and the option of having the Verified by Visa Program.

EMV Card Information

Visa Classic Card Benefits

Online Visa Card Services


 Apply online for a new Visa Card or request a limit increase.


Visit for free online access to your account, including balance, payment, transaction, and statement information.

Visit to view, manage, and redeem your points earned from using your CWCU Visa Credit Card.

Verified by Visa Program

You can shop with confidence online when you enroll your Visa card in the Verified by Visa program. Additional security verifies your account ownership when you make online purchases.  Enroll now.

SecurLock Equip App

You have the power to control how, when, and where you use your Visa credit card.  SecurLock Equip gives you peace of mind and helps reduce the chances of fraud because you have the ability to turn your card on and off as needed.  Additionally, SecurLock gives you the ability to set transaction spend limits, limit geographic locations where the card can be used, and much more!    
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